Hotchkiss Day Round-up

Hotchkiss Day Round-up

A teeming mass of red sat in Bingham on a Saturday night, voices loud, chants memorized, and perhaps a bit nervous for the day ahead, but certainly ready for it. Two seniors, each year, take on the honor of spearheading the school’s spirit and pride. Zach Ambrosino and Andrew Bowers took the stage on Saturday night and certainly succeeded at inspiring and pumping-up the crowd. For most, Red Riot is the peak of a Taft Student’s pride for the school. The videos are always incredible and usually evoke a powerful sense of pride and belonging for the school, the skits are always very well done, and the MC’s are hilariously vibrant; this year was no exception. Thanks to all who made Red Riot a possibility.

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Players took the field on a beautiful Sunday morning, pride and determination filling their spirits up with the will to win. Eager fans woke early, and decorated themselves in red clothes and paint before heading out to cheer their peers to victory. Games started at 11, and although groggy from the late night beforehand, fans brought their A-Game to the sidelines. Taft may have lost the day overall, but we, without a doubt, had many triumphant victories, and infinitely more school spirit (Have you seen Hotchkiss’ recap video? Pretty lame: Here is a recap of some of the games played, and some highlights from the day.

Varsity and JV Volleyball both brought home the W for Taft. Varsity won three straight sets, ending the game quickly and cleanly, causing uproar among the Red Sweater Club and all of its loyal disciples. JV was a tighter game, but the team was still able to beat Hotchkiss 3 sets to 2.

A mass of Taft alums could be found on the sidelines, especially the class of 2014. It was great to see some old faces, and get some additional support for our teams.

Football had one of their strongest games of the season, ending the day with a triumphant victory. They dominated play, the final score being 49-14. The Red Sweater Club and company headed from soccer to football toward the end of the game, and cheered enthusiastically. Fans stormed the field after the win, celebrating a successful day.

Unfortunately, Varsity and JV soccer fell to the bearcats, but both teams put in valiant efforts, and fans cheered them on with fervor. Thirds soccer had a successful game, coming back from a two-goal deficit to win 3-2, breaking Hotchkiss’ undefeated record.

We lost both Varsity and JV level field-hockey, but Taft put in a great effort, and the Red Sweater Club was great at keeping the intensity level up and inspiring the girls to push harder. Great job to every field hockey player!

Hotchkiss Day remains to be a sacred tradition of Taft Culture, and it also remains an intense battleground for both schools to prove who is more athletically talented, as well as a battle between fans, a showdown of Red vs. Blue. Every year, each school has its wins and losses, but both go home at the end of the day, swelling with pride. The day may have been lost, but I think that we won something more important; love for one’s school. Thank you to every single person who attended, and made it such a great event. Above all, GO BIG RED!


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