Hotchkiss Day Essentials

Hotchkiss Day Essentials

Sore throat? Red paint stuck to your skin? Cloaked in the sweet scent of victory? If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, odds are you have a heavy case of Hotchkiss Day. Hotchkiss Day is the day of the year when we let our school spirit shine through the most. It can be physically and emotionally draining to watch every game and keep the same intensity for JV Field Hockey as Varsity Soccer, but let’s make one thing clear: every game matters when asserting our dominance over the bearcats. Here are some things you can do to have a successful Hotchkiss Day:

First, flexibility. Now I cannot stress this enough. I would argue that this is more important for the fans than the athletes. When you’re jumping up and down shouting “I believe that we will win,” the last thing we want is someone going down with a torn Achilles. If any of you have ever entered the training room before, you’ve probably been told that you are about as limber as a two by four. So let’s get working on this as a group.

Second, vocal exercises. If we’re going to be loud enough that they can hear “T-A-F-T” in Lakeville, we are going to need proper preparation. It should be understood that losing your voice is inevitable. I’ve heard the administration is working on having the event sponsored by Ricola, but that’s just speculation.

Last, but most certainly not least, get clever. Start brainstorming your best chants and cheers now. However, with the stakes as high as they are, let’s keep it tasteful. As much as I enjoy hearing “the ref lives in a van by the river,” we can’t afford to jeopardize our chances of winning. So let’s keep it clean and positive.

If you follow these three steps, I personally guarantee you’ll have a fun and successful Hotchkiss day. Go Rhinos.

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