Bursting the Bubble – October 2014

Bursting the Bubble – October 2014

Ebola in U.S.

With a second nurse having been infected in Dallas, fears of a more cases of Ebola have surfaced. In fact, that nurse travelled on a packed plane from Cleveland to Dallas while experiencing a fever, which could have potentially resulted in the infection of some of the passengers if they had been exposed to some of her bodily fluids.

ISIS Update

After a series of brief setbacks caused by the U.S. and coalition airstrikes, the Islamic State has recovered and made new advances. Recently, their forces have closed in around Baghdad’s airport, coming within 15 miles according to a top military official.

Fallen Fireman in Hartford

Thousands of firefighters and mourners from around the state and the country came to say goodbye to fallen Hartford firefighter Kevin Bell last Monday. Bell lost his life after he entered a burning building on Blue Hill Avenues in Hartford. This was the first firefighter that Hartford had lost in the line of duty in 40 years.

Kim Jong Un Reappears

After being absent from the public eye since September 3rd, Kim Jong Un finally made a public appearance, giving “field guidance” to a newly built residential area. The North Korean media circulated many of these images in an attempt to quell the many theories as to the cause of his disappearance.

Morning Meeting Speaker Inspires Taft Audience

Expecting a run-of-the-mill Morning Meeting speaker on Tuesday, October 7, Taft students were pleasantly surprised by the stage presence and charisma of visiting speaker, artist, and performer Ayanna Gregory. Ms. Gregory provided a welcomed recess from the rest of the usual school day, spreading her inspiration with spoken word, song, dance, and audience participation; she was rewarded with a standing ovation, a rare gift from Tafties at 10 am. Students and teachers alike look forward to her potential return to the Taft campus at some point later this year, as hinted by Rev. Ganung following her performance.

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