What even is the RSC?

What even is the RSC?

Nervous, annoyed and cold: these were all the symptoms of my first day of Saturday classes. Not only did I have all the courses I was never excited about (physics and math), I had to go to something called assembly when I had not even finished the next period’s homework. Reluctant, and still afraid of the conduct grades I would receive, I plopped into the chair as the slew of teachers talked about clubs, signing out for the weekend, and the honor system. Just then, an unusually pale, blonde and tall boy covered with red paint on his face and chest grabbed the microphone and casually sat down on the stage. He started off listing the games and the times and that we should all come out and support our school.

Looking into the balcony, his smirk faded as he demanded, “And I better see everyone out there, even you freshman.”

This was my first experience with the Red Sweater Club (RSC), and since then, it has maintained its identity and reputation as the primary school spirit organization. There have been two clear characteristics that have set certain RSCs above the rest: humor and energy. The most successful RSCs have had hilarious announcements during assembly and have had so much school spirit inside of them that it can be confused with craziness and cause fear in some new students. They try to make it to as many games as they can with the same amount of vigor for each.

However, the Red Sweater Club is simply not doing their job correctly if they do not bother some people, making Taft’s principal school spirit organization also the most controversial.

There is such a greater meaning to the RSC than a bunch of loud fans. They are a player’s temporary support group, pump-up playlist, and friend: no matter the result, the team can count on the RSC to show their support and encourage the player to push harder. So, I challenge the faculty members, the referees and the parents of the opposing teams to find the true definition of inappropriate because loudness does not equal rowdiness and passionate does not equal disrespect. Ultimately, the Red Sweater Club gives Taft sports team an edge by their mere presence.