Top Ten Things About Senior Spring by Julia Ordway

1. The ~senior spring~ lens

From your very first Spring as a freshman or sophomore, you watch the seniors hanging out on jig patio, playing music on the wu train, or playing frisbee in the fields. You notice their unwavering and genuine happiness. The only explanation for this behavior is the senior spring lens. Once you enter this famous and highly anticipated time, you see Taft through a very different pair of eyes. Taft becomes the best place in the world and your friends become your absolute favorite people ever. While part of you is ready for college and ready for something new, senior spring is the culmination of your four years here and all of the amazing memories you have made.

2. We don’t do anything

This new lens also prevents you from seeing the many responsibilities and requirements over which your junior year self would have stressed for hours. No longer do you have to go to assembly or morning meeting; no longer does sit down take up two hours of your evening (the time to get ready before and the time after to go to the jig with your friends); no longer do you have to sign in by 10:15. Your newfound freedom and sudden abundance of time leaves you with many chances to be productive; however, your one subject of homework usually gets done at midnight and the rest of the hours in your day are dedicated to doing absolutely nothing with your favorite people in the best place in the world.

3. The college process is (basically) over

After practically two years of studying for the SATs, writing essays, visiting schools, making difficult decisions, and not to mention trying to balance school work, extracurriculars, sleep, and having some fun with your friends, we are done. Well, basically done. Most of us know where we will be going to school in the fall or what we will be doing and for the first time, we can breathe.

4. 10:45 Sign in

Although this was a privilege previously available to seniors, senior spring is truly the time we can enjoy it. While 10:45 sign in means monitorship duty in the lower school dorms for adjuncts is now three hours (since we now have to complete 10:30 check in), it also means late night runs to the vending machines when we get hungry and late night bonfires on jig patio. 10:45 sign in gives us 30 more minutes to taste the freedoms of college.

5. Open weekends

Senior spring gives us the ability to leave any weekend, and more than that, take two Friday weekends, meaning we can skip saturday classes. We are starting to think no one really wants us on campus anymore, but we are certainly not complaining. Friday weekends allow us to remember what it was like to have a real two night weekend and allow us to feel like regular high school kids.

6. Going to town during study hall

Another privilege granted during senior spring is our ability to go to town during study hall. Whether this means satisfying a craving to go to Fino or just a general desire to leave campus, late walks into Watertown are now allowed for seniors.

7. The weather

While the weather is a universal benefit of spring, it still must be included in the top tens for senior spring. The warm weather enables us to spend all of our free time in the sun and our nights by the bonfire. The weather stands as a reminder that we survived yet another and, for some of us, the final connecticut winter.

8. A general understanding of lower expectations

Throughout campus, teachers and faculty understand it is senior spring. Although they still expect a lot from us and still hold us to completing all of our assessments and assignments, there is also an understanding that we want to relax a bit, and that we deserve to.

9. The traditions

The week leading up to graduation is packed with events and celebrations, distracting us from the unfortunate reality that at the end of the week, we will be graduating. The many traditions, including the senior cruise, dinner at the Mac’s house, senior community service day, senior skip day, and more, are events and days to which we have have looked forward. We get to really feel like seniors for one final week.

10. Graduation

Graduation is certainly bitter-sweet. It is not in the top 10 because it is a day for which we have been longing or because it is the best part of senior spring. Rather, it is one of the most important days of senior spring and more generally, of our time at Taft. It marks the end of an era, the end of high school, the last day we can say “I go to taft” and not “I went to Taft.” Walking across that stage in just a few weeks, we will be able to say we made it. From seniors everywhere, thank you to all of you who helped us get this far.