Meet Your New Mons by Lizzie Audran

Francesca Nyakora and Beau Root are the newly elected senior school mons. We spoke to them to get to know them better: meet your new school mons!


What is your favorite part of Taft?

Francesca: Coming from a very homogenous area the best and most underappreciated part of Taft is being able to learn in a diverse environment where our differences are celebrated. In that way, I wish Taft would be more united. I feel that there are de facto divisions within race, gender, and grade and people seclude themselves without seeing the opportunity to learn about the world from people who aren’t like them.

Beau: I love how everyone always says hi to each other, people are friendly and not on their phones walking through school – the halls are set up so that you have to be communicative throughout the day. When I was choosing schools, my top three were Choate, Loomis and Taft, but I ultimately chose Taft because of the close community and how everyone knows everyone here.


If you were stranded on a desert island, what is the one book or movie you would want with you?

Francesca: I would say The Alchemist by Paul Coelho. It reminds people to open themselves up to new experiences, take risks and make the best out of every situation, which is probably the kind of positive attitude I would need in this situation! For a movie I’d take the last Harry Potter movie which would be great because it’s in two parts – is that cheating?

Beau: Probably The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, and Silence of the Lambs is my favorite movie ever.


What courses are you taking?

Francesca: I’m taking AP French, AP Art History, AP Senior English, AP Statistics, and Honors Model UN.

Beau: I’m taking AP Microeconomics, AP Spanish, AP US Government, Collegium, BC Calc, and People and Stories of California.


Where do you want to be in ten years?

Francesca: Hopefully I will be starting my career in foreign service, potentially in the state department, or maybe the UN.

Beau: I would like to be happy with whatever I’ve done since you asked me this question! Hopefully I’m working in  international commerce or something that allows me to travel and experience a lot while working.


What advice would you give to a new student?

Francesca : It’s important to not be intimidated by anyone telling you that you can’t do something because of how long you’ve been here. Don’t wait to do things until you’re comfortable, if you want to do something, throw yourself at the opportunity before it’s too late. Also, Taft isn’t perfect, but neither are you. Everything, including this institution and yourself can be improved, so take this opportunity to learn from the people around you and grow.

Beau: Try to branch out as much as possible. When I first got here, I knew a few people before, but it’s important to not limit yourself to the first person. Now I’m friends with a bunch of different people and love how many people I know.


What is your spirit animal?

Francesca : A dolphin because they’re happy and free spirited like me.

Beau: I would say a rhino because being at Taft has taught me not to be afraid of anything, kind of like how rhinos don’t really care, they will just run you over.


What does this new role as a school monitor mean to you?

Francesca: I’m really excited to be a school monitor because I would hope to be someone people can turn to and also do a good job representing them and the school. It’s not that I want to be the voice of the school community but rather give people a voice. In a place where not everyone feels included or feels that they have a place at the table, hopefully I can show them that have a voice and matter in our community.

Beau: I have made run-offs in every class committee election since I came in as a new sophomore, so finally making it has been very rewarding. Also, I love that now I’m taking attendance in the balcony and get to speak to so many new people, especially the underclassmen.