Hypnosis is Hyp!

Henry Hentemann

“Yea it didn’t work on me hahaha. It was pretty weird I was trying to fall asleep and concentrate but it just wasn’t happening. I pretty much just acted out and played along with whatever he was saying because I felt like it would be really awkward if I just sat up there the whole time and didn’t move.”


Micah Umeh

“The general idea of the hypnotism is that if you believe in it, it’ll work so I tried my best to be optimistic and open to it. It turned out that nothing I was doing was working while I was up there; it just seemed pointless. I was awake for the whole thing, but didn’t feel like opening my eyes because it could be seen as disrespectful. Eventually I walked off, but it didn’t work at all.”


Caroline Erbstein

“I thought it was a really cool experience! Definitely did not feel like I was forced to do anything that I wouldn’t normally do. It just made me super relaxed. When he told us to wake up “and we would not remember we were hypnotized” that part never really worked for me and I knew the whole time I was being hypnotized. I just felt more open to suggestion and in a very very relaxed state.”


Eva Baurmeister

“The hypnotist was strange, because I knew what I was doing but I felt like I HAD to do it. I remember everything that happened now, but at first it was a little spotty. The weirdest part was definitely looking at my phone afterwards, because I thought it had only been like 20 minutes, but it had actually been an hour and a half. I have to say I’m very disappointed because I was excited to have “the best sleep of my life,” but that night I slept pretty normally.”


Daniel Yen

“I would probably say it was really really relaxing both physically and mentally. Even though my neck was slouched over like 90 degrees I didn’t really feel any pain or aches at all. When he brought us into the sleep state it felt like a dream almost (except I could kind of hear the crowd and also the hypnotist). I wouldn’t say that he MADE me do anything against my will but I was in such a relaxed state that I felt really comfortable doing things that I’d usually be uncomfortable with.”


Margot Odden

“On stage I felt super relaxed and sleepy. I really wanted it to work which I think is supposedly an important component of the process. It definitely felt like I was vividly seeing some of the images he was describing (his butt)…overall I’m glad I tried it, but felt really disoriented after and will not be getting hypnotized again ever.”