Parent’s Day Sales!

Below is a list of the tables that will be at Parent’s Day this year!

Read up so you don’t miss out!

  • Young Democrats – Patagonia pullover fleeces
  • Girls Varsity Hockey – Hats and sweatshirts
  • Boys Varsity Squash – Bandanas
  • Girls Varsity Lacrosse – Crew neck sweatshirts
  • Boys Varsity Soccer – Scarves
  • Red Rhino Fund – Visitors can make a donation
  • Community Service Council – Visitors can make a donation
  • Mid Class Committee – Sweatpants
  • Boys Varsity Basketball – T-shirts
  • Girls Varsity Softball – Fudge
  • Spain Summer Trip – Information and Donations
  • Center for the Deaf – Visitors can make a donation
  • Girls Varsity Soccer – Sports bras
  • Thick Men of Taft – T-shirts
  • Croquet Club – T-shirts
  • Upper Mid Class Committee – Hotchkiss Day Shirts
  • Boys Varsity Hockey – Beach Towels

If you are selling something that is not listed, feel free to send an email to make sure it’s advertised!