Exposé: Memes of Taft

Exposé: Memes of Taft

By Raveeno Douglas ’18

There is no doubt that at least half of the Taft population has seen the glorified six seasons of “Gossip Girl”. Jammed-packed with back-stabbing, cheating, drama, and gossip of course, “Gossip Girl” shows a hyperbolized version of life on the Upper East Side for New York City’s “elite”. Though far from anything that relates to cyber-bullying and instigation, the popular “up-and-coming” instagram account “Memes of Taft” adds comedy to the common Taft occurrences: awkward morning meeting speakers, the setting off of the fire alarm, and the social scene.

This account is one of many infamous Taft-related comedy accounts that enhance our Taft bubble. Following accounts like “Questionable Footwear of Taft” and “Taft_Couples_That_Should_Be”, this account is not of the first to be run secretly by a single student of a collective group of students. Though there are some individuals who know the identity of the account holder of “Memes of Taft”, the question is whether or not this identity should be revealed to the entire Taft population. Keeping in mind that this account is purely appropriate comedic fun, the account holder(s) would solely receive a multitude of praise for their much needed contribution to their peers.


Here are a few examples of some of their funniest posts:

Our very own “American Idol” Sunny Chan ‘18 has received some attention from this account in which they glorify his original song, “Nostalgic”.  


Something many of Taft’s most eligible bachelors are guilty of is ditching their significant other to either hang with “the boys”, or work on their next scheme. This type of behavior usually occurs on Saturdays, because supposedly, this day is “for the boys”.



Following the trendy meme of “Cash me outside, how bout dah?”, MOT has highlighted the moronic behavior of some of our peers, specifically Winston Salk ‘18. After having given quite the apology in assembly, Winston still continued to have “the roast” lay on him after having delivered such a heartfelt apology for his dim-witted actions.



There have been twenty-eight posts within the past month. Thinking of it on an activity graph, this account had an exponential increase in activity, but has recently took a dip in liveliness. We, as a community, plead to the group of sophomores behind this magic to keep business booming (yeah, we know who you are).

Suggestions for possible Taft social media accounts include:

  • Walkbacks of Taft
  • Taft Bachelor
  • Taft Bachelorette