10 Stages of Getting Ready for Formal

10 Stages of Getting Ready for Formal

The 11 Stages of Getting Read for Formal

By Maddie Savage ’18

  1.  Frantically searching for the perfect dress last minute, despite endless hours of online shopping throughout the entire first semester                                                                   image09
  2.  Booking a spray tan appointment at Watertown’s finest: Ortanics Custom Airbrush (mandatory if you’re a senior girl)


  1. Reloading Facebook each night to check up on the latest and greatest Formal Askings image05
  2. Attempting to master the art of walking in heels…                                                                                    image02         
  3. …and failing aggressively                                                                                                                    image07
  1. Realizing the aforementioned spray tan might have been overkill and frantically scrubbing yourself with every exfoliant in existence                                                                                     image03                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  2.  Breaking the winter-long shaving hiatus


8. And of course, trying to figure out how to do makeup in the perfect manner for such an event


9. Brainstorming questions to ask your date on the seemingly endless 45 minute bus ride

10. And finally…posing for endless amounts of pictures in the freezing cold with your friends (only to be disappointed by the way 90% of them turned out)                                                                                                                           image04