Jig Secret Menu

Jig Secret Menu

By Maddie Savage ’18

The 9:37 AM post-assembly scramble for the jig can be a stressful one; not only is one tasked with the challenge of fighting for his personal space as he makes his way forcefully towards the heaps of backpacks by the Black box, but he must also decide what it is he is in the mood for upon reaching the intended destination: The Jigger Shop. As if this wasn’t a hard enough decision, Marty, Sandy and the rest of the jig staff feature quite a few items that aren’t recorded on the cafe’s extensive menu. Below are a few of the hot commodities the Jig has to offer (to make that difficult decision even trickier to determine).

  1. The McDusty


It’s hard to imagine an instance in which one could turn this mouth watering sandwich down. Created by placing chicken fingers in between the bread of a grilled cheese, a Mcdusty combines the two things people most often have difficulty choosing between.

  1. The “F-Bomb”

Calling all breakfast meat lovers! The “F-Bomb”, according to Marty himself, features two scrambled eggs with sausage, bacon and melted cheese on a roll. This breakfast sandwich is the perfect option for those who have a big appetite and a limited amount of time.

  1.    The Oreo Milkshake

Though this sweet option has made its way onto the menu in recent months, it remains one of the lesser-known options that the jig has to offer. In the mood for something sweet but don’t want to eat a third pop tart or another toasted muffin with butter? The oreo milkshake is even on the “Smoothie” menu, which makes those who order it feel as if they’ve made a healthy choice–benefits on all ends!

  1.    The Gladiator

If you’ve ever spent more than ten minutes in the Jig, it’s almost impossible you haven’t heard either Marty or Sandy yell “Gladiator!” over the excited buzz of Tafties. Though the Gladiator is arguably one of the Jig’s most popular items, it’s actually not on the menu! This exciting combination of a chicken nugget and a bacon egg and cheese features ‘breakfast meets afternoon snack’, making it the ideal order at any time of day.

  1. Omelette with Sausage

An omelette. With sausage IN it. Need I say more?

  1.    The Johnson

Crafted by its namesake and former Taft student, Cole Johnson ‘16, the Johnson includes an open facing english muffin featuring two sunny side up eggs and cheese, along with a side of homefries and bacon. Who needs breakfast in the dining hall when this is an option?

  1.    The Milardo

Another alumni favorite is the Milardo; opting for a more daring snack, Alex Milardo ‘16 swapped the chicken fingers in his cheese quesadilla for buffalo chicken…and it stuck. Feeling daring? This is a good option for you.