My First SAT Experience

My First SAT Experience

There are a lot of misconceptions about what the SAT is really like. Some think “it’s just one day of my life” or “it really can’t be that bad”. I’m here to set the record straight about what one day of the SAT is really like.

7:00 AM- About a millisecond after opening my eyes, I checked the Taft website to see if the SATs had been canceled due to the snow, as had been forewarned the day before. Upon seeing that they hadn’t been canceled, my heart broke.

7:15 AM- After putting on the classic Taft test-taking outfit (leggings, sweatshirt, slippers), I remembered that it was supposed to snow while in the SAT, so I swapped my outfit for a warmer one for the walk up and down from the gym.

7:30 AM- I walked into the eerily uncrowded dining hall and made myself a subpar bagel because eating breakfast is crucial to doing well… blah blah blah.

7:40 AM- The group of my fellow test takers and I trudged up to the Athletic Center, accompanied by frigid winds that made everyone cry.

7:45 AM- We arrived at the Athletic Center to find a long, non-moving line of blurry eyed test-takers waiting to get into the Green gym. We collectively realized that there was no way the test would start on time.

8:15 AM- After waiting, we were finally in the green gym. We’d proved our identity and been seated.

8:16 AM- This chair is obscenely uncomfortable.

8:30 AM- It seems like we may start soon. Maybe? Probably not.

8:48 AM -The test books and answer sheets have been handed out and upon inspection, it looks like this test is separated into 10 sections. My heart breaks for roughly the fifth time of the day, and it’s not even 9 AM.

8:57 AM- The time has started, I realize I really should have studied for this rather than ordering domino’s and watching a Lifetime movie about a killer house-sitter with my roommate last night.

8:58 AM- I decide that I really should have studied.

8:59 AM- Wow! Really should have studied!

11:00 AM- The first five sections have made me feel truly victimized.

11:05 AM- Time for the next section. Hooray! Another math section. The word problems aren’t straightforward.

11:07 AM- I really should have taken geometry seriously.

12:20 AM- Time for the final section. It’s been a struggle. On several occasions I’ve had to conjure Coach Taylor’s voice from Friday Night Lights to keep me going.

12:40 AM- Thank God it’s over. They won’t let us leave because they have to read out the painstakingly long list of people who didn’t show up. With every name comes a pang of envy, and I wonder how much better their day was than mine.

12:50 AM- They finally let us leave and we sprint through the new snow to the Dining Hall to drown our feelings in nachos and cookies.

11:00 PM- Just as I’m about to fall asleep, I suddenly feel like I’m falling with the horrifying thought of the trauma I went through this morning. I wonder if I’ll ever sleep again without nightmares of the SAT.