Instagrams of Taft

Instagrams of Taft

Ask the student body of Taft what their favorite form of social media is, and you will get a variety of responses. Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat are always contenders, but the most common favorite is Instagram. Instagram is way to share your life with your devoted followers via photographs, and at Taft it takes on an even bigger role. Not only does it inform of any squirrel sightings or new crushes, but it also tells the student body about the daily dining hall cuisine and what the new footwear trends are on campus.

Squirrels of Taft is arguably one of the oldest and most popular Taft Instagram accounts. With an impressive following of 364, S.O.T. has made the Taft community feel at one with our squirrels since 2014. Whether it is a picture of a squirrel up close and personal, a student next to a squirrel, off campus sightings, or even the occasional squirrel and teacher, the variety keeps followers interested. Although, S.O.T. does not post as much as they did in their heyday of early 2015, the occasional squirrel picture is a pleasant surprise for long time followers and new ones alike.

Another more recent but very trendy Taft Instagram is Questionable Footwear of Taft. With a following of 433 users, Questionable Footwear of Taft shows off Taft’s latest footwear fashions, including holographic Birkenstocks, funky shower shoes, and Taft’s apparent obsession with Crocs (I’m not complaining. They’re surprisingly comfortable and provide great support!). In its short four months on Instagram, they have gained followers not only from The Taft School but also from rival schools such as Choate Rosemary Hall. These truly unique shoe choices can get likes into the hundreds and have inspired many members of the Taft community to step up their shoe game. Who knows, maybe someday soon we will see Mr. MacMullen in a pair of holographic Birkenstocks trying to make his way onto Questionable Footwear of Taft.

If it’s food you want (and let’s be honest who doesn’t) Taft Dining Hall’s Instagram is the one for you. With snapshots of all the delicious and unique options, the dining hall staff takes pride in their social media. Many pictures contain not only the featured food, but also the chef, followed by an always witty caption. Want to know if it’s omelette day? Or if the creation station has something other than stir fry or tacos? The dining hall’s Instagram keeps you up to date on all of the delicious dining hall events.

Finally, there is Taft Crush 2.0 . Taft’s newest Instagram account seeks to stand among other Instagram relationship contenders such as “Taft Walkbacks”. Informing us of everybody’s latest love interests, Taft Crush 2.0’s creation reminds us of a time when Taft Crush’s Facebook was alive and thriving, with up to 10 posts a day. Although, the loss of Taft Crush is a hard one to accept, Taft Crush 2.0 gives us a sense of closure, and exhibits Taft’s growing favoritism towards Instagram as a social media source. And although they haven’t posted in two weeks, followers are hopeful since crushes tend to come forward during formal season.

Taft’s Instagrams are inspiring. They have taught Taft’s students to take risks (by getting uncomfortably up close and personal with squirrels), to try new things (such as the homemade falafel in the dining hall), to be forward (light up sneakers anyone?), and become matchmakers. So next time you think “should I check Facebook or Instagram for Taft’s current events?”, I hope the choice is a clear one.