Winter Sports Update

Winter Sports Update

Basketball (boys) ­ With the current record of 4­-2, the boys basketball team is looking strong to say the least. Demolishing the widely disliked Brunswick team in their opener by an authoritative 28 points, they are still yet to lose a founders league game.

Basketball (girls) ­ After opening up the season with a win against Kingswood Oxford, the girls team is looking like they have yet another run in New England’s in them this year.

Hockey (girls) ­ At 2­-3-­1 the girls varsity hockey team, although it might not reflect it in the record, are off to a good start. Aside from Lawrenceville, every loss has come by one goal. With a little more offensive punch and chemistry with the generally new group of girls, they are poised to have a good season.

Hockey (boys) ­ In a similar situation to the girls, the boys varsity hockey team sits at one game under .500 after losing a couple games that could have gone either way. With a restocked roster, Willy D and the boys hope to continue to get and return to winning ways against Avon this Saturday.

Skiing ­ Seeing as they have not had a race yet, it’s pretty hard to guess how they are gonna do this year. With the departure of Eli Cooper, one of the most dominant skiers in New England, guys like Big Mike Wasserstein, and the lone (guy) senior Cashen Keeler will look to step up.

Squash (boys) ­ Coming off one of the best years in recent Taft history, the boy’s squash team came out firing by demolishing TP 7­-0. With consecutive losses to two perennial powerhouses in Avon and Brunswick though they are looking to get back to winning ways against Andover this Saturday.

Squash (girls) ­ After opening up with a tough loss to Nobles, the girls bounced back with a win against Groton. On Saturday they will look to get back to winning ways and a .500 record at home against Ms. Porters.

Wrestling ­ With only one match played resulting in a tough loss to Canterbury, the boys wrestling team is looking to get their first win against Forman this Saturday.