Top Ten Things you Learn as a Freshman

Top Ten Things you Learn as a Freshman
  1. You weren’t as cool as you thought you were in middle school

Your reign over the young ones is finally over and you have somehow wound up in the same place you were in sixth grade… how sad.

  1. It’s your time to be at the bottom of the food chain

You’re in high school right? So there is no bottom of the food chain. “You’re too old for that”: Wrong.

  1. The rules are actually enforced

I mean, I never thought they were serious when they said lights out is at exactly 10:30. No Exceptions.

  1. Statutory rape is a thing

Wait, you mean I can’t date that senior guy. No!

You can’t… it is 100% illegal.

  1. The friends you make at the beginning of the year aren’t always longlasting.

In the beginning of freshman year, I thought my soon to be future roommate hated me.

  1. You can definitely not take a dip in the pond

They don’t seem to tell you that on the tour.

  1. You never thought you would live in a dorm where the ceilings leak

This one’s for you,HDT boys.

  1. Ordering food during study hall is a no-go.

Really? But I’m so hungry!!

  1. Only your friends go to the jig

The older you get, the more you realize that most jig rats are freshman.

  1. The freshman fifteen hits you like a brick

Never thought the M&M cookies would be this bad.