Recap of Fall Sports

Recap of Fall Sports

Boys Cross Country – This past Saturday the boys cross country team -led by captains Evan Miller, Tyler Dullinger and Robert Dettmann- concluded their season at the NEPSTA Division 1 Cross Country Championships held at Taft. Although the team’s record  of 2-5 reflects what you might think to be a tough season, in reality, Mr. Palmer believed it was the best team he has coached since 1990.  Although a large portion of the team will be graduating this year, hopes are high that they can build off of a solid season and continue to be successful moving forward.


Girls Cross Country – The girls cross country season definitely ended on a high note, as they were able to place both second in Founders and seventh in New England. Overall, the team posted a very respectable 4-4 record with plenty of returners looking to build off of this in the coming years.  Next year the team will be led by Caroline Winicki, Caroline Moore, and Juste Simanauskaite.


Field Hockey – As the Field Hockey team’s season came to an end last Saturday with a 5-0 loss to Hotchkiss, their final record showed a 4-10-2 tally. Although at first glance this might seem a little under where they would ideally have liked to be, it justly reflect on their season. With 7 of their 10 losses coming in games where their opponents won by a mere 2 goals or less, this record could have easily been a winning one.  With newly selected captains Emma Vermylen and Katherine Queally at the head of the team next year along with a strong freshman class, one can only assume that this team will return to its spot at the top of the standings in years to come.


Football – Much like Field Hockey, football’s 0-8 season does not reflect on their season. Plagued by injuries throughout the season, the team was never able to show its full potential. Looking forward, you can definitely expect a turnaround from our football program, as seasons such as this one only provide motivation for the coming years.  


Girls Soccer – Possibly the most improved team at Taft this fall, the girls soccer team is going to be heading off to Nobles on Wednesday to compete in the New England quarter finals. After posting an impressive 11-4-2 record this season, Mr. Madden has seemed to put together the perfect mix of youth and experience, and surely plans to make as deep as a run as possible in this year’s tournament led by seniors Maddie Leidt and Steph Houghton.


Boys Soccer – After assembling a roster with players from all reaches of the world, Mr. Parente and Koshi have the boys soccer team poised to play NMH in the New England Quarter finals on Wednesday. With and 11-3-3 record, players such as Pequannock native Matty Maier and “I’m Jeven” Sinclair are looking to drop into the semifinals this coming Saturday.


Volleyball – Flaunting an 11-6 record, the Girls Volleyball Team is excited to build off their Hotchkiss Day victory when they play Andover in the New England tournament on Wednesday. Liana Hickey’ 16,  who started on the thirds volleyball team her freshman year,  won the annual Volleyball Award  at the athletics banquet on Monday night.