What Not to Wear to Red Riot

What Not to Wear to Red Riot

It’s time to start gearing up for this year’s Red Rio!. For freshmen and seniors alike, here’s a list of what to avoid wearing for this Friday night’s festivities.


What not to wear to Red Riot:

Anything red that doesn’t have “Taft” printed on it– Don’t kill the vibe by wearing a red sweatshirt with the name of your middle school/ travel lacrosse team written all over it.  


Excessive Red lipstick– You might be excited at the thought of putting on that red lipstick you’ve always had but never felt bold enough to wear, but you’ll regret it. Cringing while looking back later on the hundreds of tagged Facebook photos, you’ll wish you skipped this unnecessary and overly-eager step.


Flip flops– People will inevitably step on your feet. It’s cold, uncomfortable, and unsafe to make this choice. Risky footwear is dangerous, and you could also end up in the pond while trying to get in the back of a photo on the Jig patio.


Blue– Taft’s colors are technically red and navy, but its “Red Riot” for a reason. Don’t pull a rookie mistake by wearing Hotchkiss’s colors and end up sticking out.


Wet face paint– Make sure your face paint dries before you go to red riot, because smudging your perfectly crafted “T” on someone’s shirt will be a major buzzkill for everyone.