Gearing Up for Spirit Week

Gearing Up for Spirit Week

As the leaves continue to fall and the weather stays weirdly warm, it becomes clear that the highly anticipated Spirit Week is upon us.  For returning students, this week serves as an opportunity to show off all of the weird clothing that they have stockpiled throughout their years here; For new Tafties, this week can be stressful.  Assembling crazy outfits for each of the six days may seem close to impossible.  I’m here to breakdown these iconic six days for you, and hopefully set you up to absolutely kill everyday of it.

Day One: Career Day

To be honest, I think day one is potentially the hardest to prepare for. The career day outfit is not something that you can just wake up and throw together if you’re really planning on starting the week off strong. Day students are definitely at an advantage here because they can buy costumes out of school. For boarders, an easy and very legitimate strategy you might want to think of is taking after a faculty member. Their clothes are usually pretty similar to yours, and everyone in the community will at least recognize your efforts.

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Day Two: Twin Day

Twin to day to me is simple.  All you need to find is someone on this huge campus that has the same items of clothing as you. Although you definitely can get extra points for pairing with someone that actually looks like you.  If you can throw together identical outfits with one of your friends, day two will be a breeze.

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Day Three: Pajama Day

If you can’t throw together an outfit for this day, you are in serious trouble. You literally just have to get out of bed, and not change. If you’re looking to take it to another level, grab one of your friend’ s onesies or a robe.

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Day Four: Hotchkiss Day / Biffy & Buffy Day

As you reach the latter half of the week, the days start to focus in more on the actual rivalry that is behind all the craziness. Biffy & Buffy day gives Taft students an opportunity to poke fun at the hated Bearcats. Throwing together a preppy outfit shouldn’t be hard, considering we go to “prep” school; If you are struggling, there will be more than enough kids willing to share some preppiness. Just be aware of the clothes you borrow through these next few weeks– lice may or may not be at Taft.

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Day Five: Nerd Day

Although it might seem tough to throw together an outfit for nerd day, as long as you tuck your shirt in and pull your pants up you should be fine. If you can scavenge a pair of glasses in the dorm or a calculator to throw in your pocket, it will only make your outfit better.

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Day Six: Red Out

On the final day of Spirit week, Taft goes red. The more red you can fit on yourself, the better. This is the day in which you can truly exemplify just how much school spirit you really have.  It is  the perfect ending to a hopefully successful spirit week.

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