Athlete Profile: Brooke Majewski

Athlete Profile: Brooke Majewski

When someone mentions Watertown native, Brooke Majewski, immediately the connection is made to a dual varsity captain of the field hockey and lacrosse teams who also dabbles in the sport of basketball. A true defenseman in both field hockey and lacrosse, Majewski claims

“both sports are kind of similar in a way so the transition is pretty easy.”

However, this profile is not just about highlighting Brooke’s impressive athletic career.

Born from loving parents Lisa and John Majewski, Brooke has been constantly pushed and motivated by her two older sisters Caitlin and Taylor. When asked about her relationship with Taylor and Caitlin, a current field hockey player at Wesleyan, Brooke replied by saying,

“They make sure I’m always doing the right thing no matter what the issue is. I wouldn’t say they’re my role models, but their pretty close.”

One may ask where did Majewski start this prosperous career in the context of sports. Well, Brooke began practicing lacrosse since 2nd grade, and field hockey in 7th grade. Although sports seem to consume most of Majewski’s free time, Brooke claims she still has occasional moments for different extra curricular activities.

Brooke loves to French braid her own hair, freestyle dance, or indulge in a good episode of “American Horror Story.” Majewski is currently an honor role student, eco monitor, and an assistant for I-Block classes. Brooke drinks four cups of coffee a day to stay on track of her busy schedule. However, one won’t find any cream or milk in those coffees, Brooke is deadly allergic to dairy products. In other words Brooke is lactose intolerant.

When asked if her condition affects her play on the field, Brooke responded by saying, “I try not to dwell on my disadvantage that often. I can’t have milk, simple as that. I wake up every morning and eat dry cereal. Do you know what that’s like? Not many people do.” Adversity is a common factor for the life of Brooke Majewski. However, adversity has not stopped this star-studded athlete from achieving some success on the field.