Student Athlete Spotlight: Courtland Boyle ’16

Student Athlete Spotlight: Courtland Boyle ’16

The people of Taft tend to have a favorite season. Some are enchanted with the effervescent ambiance that Autumn brings, and some love the cold, clean feeling of winter. Although it might not be one’s favorite, every person at Taft finds a humble bliss in the warmth of spring. Courtland Boyle finds this sense of happiness in his spring sport: Tennis. Raised on the tropical island of Bermuda, Courtland has been playing Tennis for more than a decade. His persistence and ethic in the vigorous sport shows in his style of play. Courtland is known to be an asset on the court, as he has earned himself a place on the varsity team for all three years he has attended Taft.

Courtland began his Taft career as a freshman in 2012. Throughout the fall and winter, Courtland waited in anxious anticipation for the season ahead.

His childhood of playing Tennis had paid off when he found himself as the third seat on the varsity team, beating out several older students in the process.

As time went by, Courtland gradually rose on the ladder of male tennis players. His sophomore year, Courtland’s grit was apparent when he improved to the number two position on the team. He continued this justified progress when he made the highly sought after top position his junior year, earning him the title of the current best male tennis player at Taft. Courtland rose above all opponents to show his unquestioned skill and athleticism. Fellow teammate Jacques Pellet ‘17 describes Courtland as “a very positive influence on the team. [Courtland] is a kid who all tennis players at Taft can look up to.” As the window of his junior year season is beginning to shut, Taft currently has a perfect, undefeated record; Courtland is considered the anchor of this wildly impressive season. Courtland’s past two seasons were equally remarkable, achieving incredibly positive results, including a close Semi-Final loss in the SNETL Tennis Tournament. Over recent years, Taft Tennis has proved itself as formidable contenders in the Founder’s league, and in the nation. Courtland remarks, “Taft Tennis is a great program that has allowed my teammates and I to grow as tennis players.” Courtland looks forward to many more Tennis games this season, and hopes the current Taft varsity team can finish the spring with an outstanding record.

Courtland should be looked at as a role model not only for aspiring Tennis players, but all hard-working athletes at Taft. He is the manifestation of the idea that age doesn’t matter when it comes to skill at a certain activity. He proved himself a valuable player as a freshman, and has maintained his reputation as a notoriously skilled player throughout his time at Taft. Courtland is currently a junior, and with another year of wearing a Taft shirt, the future of the team looks to be bright.